Giving Back With A Smile

Giving Back With A Smile

If you start thinking about the number of people who make purchases online, one can hardly count the many transactions in a day. The following statistic has uncovered:


"It's estimated that there will be 1.92 billion global [e-commerce shoppers] in 2019."


 Now, what if, with every single purchase, gave a percentage of each sale back to the community (a non-profit)? Together we would help charities and causes. One of the biggest reasons we aimed to create a marketplace that gives back on every item sold is to help those causes. has partnered with Pledgeling in giving back to the community. We donate 0.50 cents of every product sold to a couple of charities. We allow you to choose one of those charities at the cart page during checkout. 


As of February 2021, we offer the following charities: 


St. Judes Children Research Hospital

American Heart Association

Save the Children

Plant for the Planet

Feeding America

Salvation Army

American Humane

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Prevent Child Abuse

Charity: Water

Action Against Hunger

Rocky Point Toy Drive


Our options for charities are constantly changing. If you have any suggestion of a charity you would like to see as an option, contact


Join the cause and shop responsible at

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