FragraCalypse Labs

Offering our sellers brand discovery by reviewing, testing, and marketing products. 

Product Reviews

It's like partnering up through a virtual coffee meeting.

By selling on, you are not only showcasing products but partnering with Fragracalypse.

We offer unbiased free product reviews for all of our sellers. 

Product Testing

Quality Superstars.

Fragracalypse offers buyers a quality guarantee. As a result, we stand behind the products of all of our sellers. 

We perform quality checks and tests on all products that go through our fulfillment centers. 

Marketing Products

Your success = Our success. 

We help market the products of our sellers through our social media accounts and our weekly magazine. 

Fragracalypse showcases its marketplace products through "Fragracalypse Today". 

Our History originally started with a vision of offering fragrances online to fragrance lovers. Eventually, we asked ourselves, "why not expand the same quality service to other categories". It is when our Fragracalypse marketplace was born.

We found that existing marketplaces had thousands of sellers selling the same product in our search for obtaining a more significant presence online - this is good. However, sellers were also selling unauthorized items or products that were not authentic. It is when decided to become a brand (reseller) only marketplace. We aim to be 100% genuine.

Fragracalypse Labs

Within the birth of our Fragracalypse marketplace, Fragracalyspe Labs was also born. The Labs at Fragracalypse perform quality tests, product reviews, fulfilmment services, and marketing. Our aim is to help our sellers succeed, so that Fragracalypse can also grow.