Halloween Fragrances


Halloween Fragrances

A mysterious fragrance line for the night/day wearer. The magical and mysterious fragrance line by Halloween Fragrances (Formerly known as Jesus del Pozo).

Bio: Jesus Del Pozo was a Spanish fashion designer born in Madrid, Spain. He opened his first boutique in 1974 during the time that Spain was transitioning from the Franco dictatorship to democracy. The governmental movement and change coincided with social values - La Movida. Del Pozo played an essential part within "La Movida" as an artist and designer of the Spaniard style's modernization. Del Pozo took inspiration from the past and combined it with his vision for the future of Spanish fashion.

Del Pozo did not forget the lessons of Spaniard masters of fashion from the past, such as Cristobal Balenciaga. Del Pozo sought the unique beauty of a possible creation and presented it without gimmicks or unnecessary embellishments. He sums up his philosophy by stating, "I love women, and I love promoting the positive. I do not want uniformity... Each person [must] bring something of his personality, so I try to do flexible and adaptive fashion."

Initially, Del Pozo designed for men, but his women's designs would ultimately prove more successful.

In the 1990s, Del Pozo made several lucrative moves that brought more tremendous success to the design house. He began designing ready-to-wear bridal wear, and in 1992, introduced his first perfume, Duende for women.

Perfumes became an essential piece of the Del Pozo brand's offering. Halloween became an international best-seller and spinning off a series of limited editions and flankers.

Del Pozo passed away in August 2011, leaving behind a legacy of beautiful fashions for an essential time in Spain's history.

Since then, Del Pozo has become part of Perfumes y Diseños (PYD). Under PYD, the Halloween fragrance line has come under the Halloween design house trademark.

Halloween Fragrance Line

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