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Why Sell at Fragracalypse

An 100% Authentic Marketplace

Fragracalypse is a marketplace for authentic brands/products. By selling on an original only marketplace, customers know they are buying genuine goods. By doing so, brands could gain a lifetime fan base.


Fragracalypse offers fulfillment services to our sellers. Worry/stress less about having to fulfill your products in-house. When a customer makes a purchase, we can send their order directly to their home from our fulfillment center.

AI Product Recommendations

Fragracalypse uses an AI-powered recommendation algorithm to give customers product recommendations based on their searches and purchase history. Our AI allows people who are more likely to buy to find your products.

Product Reviews/Testing

Fragracalypse stands behind its marketplace and its sellers. It includes the quality and the authenticity of each brand. The labs at Fragracalypse periodically review products - offering a free product review service to our sellers.

How Selling Works :

  • Before your "Brand" starts selling, you will need to fill out a seller's form. This form will allow to verify the authenticity of the brand/supplier concerning the product. It also allows us to further connect with you and provide top-notch services.
  • Once approved, you can create your "Brand" account and start selling in any category.
  • Once you create your account, you will list products, send products to Fragracalypse's fulfillment center, receive orders, and receive payments.
  • Fragracalypse fulfills the order to the customer on your behalf. By keeping the same delivery and customer service standards across all products and "Brands", entices more shoppers to shop.
Fragracalypse Fulfillment

Stress-Free Fulfillment offers its fulfillment services to its sellers (brands, suppliers). Worry less about the overhead costs needed to mantain your inventory. Send your products to our centers and we will worry about the packaging and fulfilling orders. 



Pricing & Fees

Starter Store

  • Best for Brands that lists up to 100 listings a month
  • 15% commission per product sold
  • Fulfillment - $1.00 per product sold
  • Product Reviews by Fragracalypse Labs

In order to register, please fill out the form located under the "Start Selling" tab. We will review your application. 

Once reviewed, we will contact you and provide permission to sell on Fragracalypse. 

Yes, you can still sell on and list products. 

Authorized brands and suppliers can sell on - directly to customers. 

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